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The Bridges Of Madison County: Sweet Romance At The Menier ChocolateFactory

The bridges of Madison County, Menier chocolate factory
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The Bridges of Madison County: Sweet Romance in the Menier Chocolate Factory

The bridges of Madison County, Menier chocolate factory


Photo: Johan Persson

An uneasy farm woman in Iowa is knocked off her feet by a tall city photographer strolling into her kitchen. The theme of the Bridges of Madison County may be as old as they come, but the book-turned-film-turned-musical is anything but a stale fairy tale directed by Trevor Nunn and with a beautiful, credible mating in the heart.

Photo: Johan Persson

The Italian emigrant and mother of two, Francesca (Jenna Russell), senses how the romance unfolds while she is married to the province of Bud. While the family is away from home, she is tempted after a chance meeting with the traveling Snapper Robert (Edward Baker-Duly) - a man who sings to be temporarily lost.

Photo: Johan Persson

A will-be-you-not-them story that might be too gentle even in midsummer is instead animated by small details. A refrigerator with a mocking box of cornflakes hisses on rails behind Francesca. Jon Bausor's set goes out of his way to reconcile mundane family life with the appeal of Robert's life on the street.

Photo: Johan Persson

In act two, the show gets ready with its incomplete source material; The characters go through transformations that compromise credibility and, as a result, are more likely to be pulled by events. Nunn's antidote to the cliché is to accept it - with a surprising double background. a down to earth rodeo number ("State Road 21"). Fortunately, the orchestra is sharper than the spurs of a cowboy.

The Bridges of Madison County, Menier Chocolate Factory, 53 Southwark Street, SE1 1RU. Tickets £ 25- £ 57.50 until 14th September 2019.

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